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Paper:Curious Metallics Ionised
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“Once I settled on the overarching theme of industry I had narrowed that down to focus on steel because you know, Pittsburgh steel. I had built this weird slightly depressing vision board of all these abandoned factories and I began working on sketches pulling elements I liked out the factories from different references. I realized pretty quickly I was going to need some molten steel to brighten up the design because things were looking sad and gloomy. As the setting started to develop a story began to come into my mind. I thought about the molten steel river with these weird lizard creatures living in it, and a momma lizard watching from the shadows. I liked the idea of these hazmat workers down there poking around and stumbling across the lizards.

I realize that I love making myself doing super tedious detail work. When I am drawing sometimes I will loose hours of time. Get me a good playlist and I could draw forever. From there it was onto color, I had a 4 color limit so I had to be smart with my color choices and I wanted to make this poster GLOW.  Coloring digitally always makes things look so vibrant. It is like drawing with a super bright flashlight on your artwork. The final colors I went with in the design were brighhhhhhtt and I was so nervous it was not going to translate into print. The Half and Half crushed it, they were able to get the perfect color match and make the poster vibrate. When I saw the paper shimmery paper choice, coupled with the range of ink they choose I was blown away. They absolutely saw my vision and brought it to life!”  - Helen Rebecchi