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Artist:Darryl Norsen
Paper:French Paper Gumdrop 100#C 
Purchase:Darryl Norsen

“For this poster I really wanted to make it a a weird cerebral head trip kind of thing so there are several little stories being told while you stare at it. You have Mike's 'brain' with three men singing with an escape route via the stairs and dance steps that lead you down to a man daydreaming and drawing this entire scenario. To ground the entire thing a guy flying Mike's head as kite with a rat tail/kite tail. Mike's songs have a tremendous amount of rhythm and bounce to them that can change on the turn of a dime so the background patterns signify that evolution while tying back into the dance steps escaping his brain. Then you have the ominous black cat surveying the whole situation. What's going on here exactly? I guess I will just keep moving along ...

I have been absolutely thrilled by the response to this poster – several fans have emailed me to say this is the best interpretation of Mike and his creative world that they have ever seen. Mike has even taken one additional step further by signing the posters exactly where the pen tip lays from the man's hand. I think that's hilarious and was definitely not intentionally designed that way. In the wake of the 2019 NYE gag – some fans even speculated the color choices were intentionally chosen to note that Mike was behind Trey being stuck up in the air during the third set. While I love a good, weird conspiracy theory I hate to burst anybody's bubble but the colors were chosen before NYE and they are inspired by my love of 1960s Psychedelic poster art where the palettes are intentionally bright yet kind of mute so that they vibrate when stared at.” - Darryl Norsen