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Artist:Raven Roxanne
Size:24” x 30”
Paper:Stonehenge Warm White 250GSM
Purchase:Raven Roxanne
“This summer, I've been at home searching for the simple joys. The magnolia tree down the street was one of them for me. Working from my home studio, I've been studying the magnolia flowers and I have thought about how precious this flower is. The petals feel like skin in a way. You can almost hear a heartbeat when you hold one in your hand. It is a strong flower yet so delicate, it dies quickly if you pick it.  The leaves of the tree are dry, almost dead already.  The contrast of the two has fascinated me. This season has been hard for so many, but I feel grateful to have this practice that keeps me searching for the flowers of life.” - Raven Roxanne

Raven is an abstract and impressionist painter located at Slate Studios in the Cigar Factory in Charleston, South Carolina. Raised on the Gulf Coast, she was inspired and raised around the creative influence of my family’s art gallery, The Zoo Gallery. As one of many artistic minds in her family, Raven went on to receive a BFA from Auburn University. Her artistic practice is a response to the colors, energies, textures, and composition of my life. The summer of 2020, Raven painted a series of 'Magnolias' and wanted to create screen prints to coordinate alongside the collection. In these prints, Raven also added her signature 'Birds' perched on the summer flower.