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Artist:Justin Helton
Size:18”x 24”
Paper:French Manila Yellow Kraft 100#C
Edition:390 REG
Purchase:Sold Out

“For those that may not know, I have teamed up with the The Grateful Dead to create and release a collection of officially licensed prints called "Milestones"... in this series I have been creating limited-edition screen printed posters inspired by milestone events spanning the career of the Grateful Dead. The fifth release in this series is inspired by a monumental event in Dead history and one that has been immortalized in the Cornell ’77 Box Set... May 8, 1977 - Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY. This show is special for many reasons… to me it represents one of the most solid shows the band ever played and at the peak of their career. A show that included spectacular renditions of staples like “Jack Straw”, “Dancing in the Street” “Scarlet>Fire” and a killer “St. Stephen > Not Fade Away > St. Stephen > Morning Dew”. A show that wasn’t necessarily most improvisational or experimental, but was played so well that the band and the crowd felt the special energy being made that night and that tour. A show held in the spring, but as the crowed filed out for the night, they were met with snow falling from the sky. Also, this show’s amazing recording, a “Betty Board” recorded by Betty Cantor-Jackson, was added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress… and makes it a staple of any Deadhead’s collection. ” - Justin Helton