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Artist:James Flames
Size:18”x 24” 
Paper:Cougar Bright White 100#C
Purchase:Sold Out

”Every poster I make is like a brand new world, with a brand new story. And I always like to actually write a little story about each one, so here’s this one: Earlier that day Trevor received a phone call from a strange and distant-sounding voice on the other side of the line, asking if the band were available to play a show. Never missing an opportunity to rock the house, Rick, Pete and Ben all immediately agreed. They got the address from the voice on the phone and packed up the truck. They arrived that evening at a farm out in the middle of nowhere, and just as they passed the fence, things started to feel a bit spooky. Maybe their ears were playing tricks on them, but there seemed to be voices in the wind. Nah, it’s nothing... probably just folks setting up for the show down near the barn. Just then, a wolf starts howling. And as the clouds part, a full moon is revealed. But the moonlight starts to MELT, right down to the ground! The guys look as if they’ve seen a ghost, and just then, a face appears in the melting moonbeams – and those voices they thought they heard in the wind start get louder and louder, until it’s unmistakable what they’re saying: “PLAY FOR USSSSSSS......” - James Flames