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Artist:Matt Griffin
Size:24” x 36” 
Paper:Cougar White 100#C
Edition:125 Reg / 65 Variant
Purchase:Sold Out

“This piece started out as a mistake - a terrible attempt to draw the character Paul Atreides from one of my favourite books, Dune. But in that mistake I found something I did like - a background texture made with ink and a broad brush that looked like a sandstorm. So I started again and, happier with the update, put it out online expecting a like or two but nothing more. Instead, it gathered a lot of momentum and was spotted by a Penguin art director I had worked with previously. He asked to license it for the cover of a new edition, and a childhood dream of mine was fulfilled. After the book came out I got daily requests for it to be produced as a screen print. So, thanks to Matt Ferguson’s sepping skills, Bottleneck’s leap of faith and The Half and Half’s amazing print job, it happened. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I think this piece will be the one I’m most known for for years to come. ” - Matt Griffin