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Artist:Miles Tsang
Size:18”x 24”
Paper:Cougar Bright White 100#C
Edition:1050 REG - 100 AP
Purchase:Sold Out

“Like everyone, I’ve been having a hard time since the pandemic started. New frustrations and tragedies unfurl themselves on a daily basis and it’s made my usual ability to focus and self-motivate difficult. So when I got the opportunity to make some fresh work for one of my favourite clients (even in this unstable environment where no concerts are taking place), I couldn’t say no. We’ve all been going through personal upheavals in this age characterized by ignorance, conflict, political stratification and distance/separation, so I knew that I wanted to make something that would counter that general vibe, inspired by an atmosphere of beauty, calmness, healing and higher power.

The image depicts an archetype of the Divine Feminine nestled within an enclosed garden inspired by the idea of a healing circle (also a reference to the state of New Jersey) while playing a magical flute, serenading a crowd of onlookers coalescing in front of a vintage drive-in screen. State symbols inhabit the ornate halo encircling her head as summer-blooming blueberries blossom and fiery butterflies referencing transformation and freedom dot the landscape. Instruments from the band decorate the horizon as symbolic tattoos peel off of the goddess’ figure, edging between the realms of the real and the sublimely psychedelic. ” - Miles Tsang