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Artist:Ashley Dreyfus
Size: 18” x 24”
Colors: 6/0
Paper: Legion Coventry Rag 290GSM
Purchase:The Half and Half

We are so excited to collaborate with Ashley Dreyfus on her new print, Utopia. We have long been admirers of Ashley’s playful and colorful work. As a bonus it is a perfect fit for screenprinting! Using a mixture of transparent and opaque inks we were able to print this with 6 screens on Legion Coventry Rag 250GSM. This edition of 50 is currently available on our site and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Dreyfus is a mixed media artist based in Boise, Idaho.

For Dreyfus, art is really about building relationships. Between artist and viewer, artist and collaborator. She hopes that her art and subjects will resonate with people in their day-to-day lives.

Dreyfus has created an entire world that exists in her mind depicting humans as alter egos of themselves, coming out to play and experience joy in an everyday life without judgement.

Her work has been commissioned by Specialized Bicycles, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Urban Outfitters, Pandora, Bloomberg Opinion, Verizon, a few sock companies, the band Phish, and the middle school down the street from where she lives.

Dreyfus continues to broaden her art practice by working in different mediums, collaborating with artists of all sorts, and challenging herself to go on new art adventures.

︎ By Daniel Hare